Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday November 29

Good Morning! We are having our first snow. It's huge flakes but they aren't sticking to anything. Neat to look at even if I don't like the cold.
I am heading out to the store. I need to get a few things to help with the lunch at church tomorrow that the youth are hosting and get eye drops for Jasmine. She's somehow gotten pink eye.

The online party went well enough yesterday, several came in and out throughout the day. I got 3 orders. Specials are extended through Cyber Monday when we will also be having another chat party. When I know the hours for that I will post them. More prizes will be given away. I hope to get in a few more orders. It was a lot of fun to be online and working on the orders at the same time. All 3 orders are in the mail today.

Here is one of my photo posts from gather yesterday. Thanksgiving at my son's house. I didn't end up getting everyone pictured but still got some good shots. Thanksgiving at My Son's House with Photos

It's back to work clicking on here for to earn that van! I am in hopes with income tax refund and what I can earn between now and then that I will have a vehicle by the end of February.

Have a great day!
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