Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homeschool Journal--Jasmine's Drawing

For a birthday gift, one of the lady's at church gave Jasmine a $30 gift card to Hobby Lobby.  She spent it buying a sketch pad, drawing pencils, blending tools, and chalk pastels.  Jasmine loves to draw and is good at it too.  She is self taught through books and the internet.  I'm thinking of a squidoo lens to highlight her drawing as part of my homeschool series there for this year.  Here she is drawing this past week:

In other news this past week---I feel we had a pretty good week.  
Another thing that Jasmine bought with some of her birthday money was a Belly Buster.  This has her actually doing daily physical activity according to the instructions.
Sunday she was still at camp until after noon.
We made it through every subject throughout the week.
I checked out a lot of books on Greece from the library.  They are from the children's section, but have wonderful pictures.  We are reading through those.  They will also turn in to a squidoo lens.
She's enjoying the Introduction to Business textbook.  I'm glad as it will help her understand a lot more than business.
In home-ec we read through the section on doing laundry.  It's prompted her to want to get back to doing her own laundry--now if it would just prompt her to put it away instead of leaving it in piles in her room!
She's making sure to write in her journal on a regular  basis.
Math is math---we were studying rates and ratios last week.  We will continue with that this week as well as she will work in the Algebra 1/2 textbook.
And, only Jasmine would do something like this---she is reading the ebook of How To Raise Up A Child.  She chose to read it since we are having so many behavioral problems with my 2 yr old grandson.  Last night she asked me if I would read it out loud to her instead though.

I'm going to hop along for this week.  We will be leaving soon for our weekly Bible study at church and our weekly trip to the public library.

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