Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Days 28 and 29

I am really slipping here at the end of the month.  I got everything written down for yesterday but someone forgot to do the post.

Danger zone---rummage sale!  The church where my daughter goes to for youth group had a fundraising garage sale today.  They are earning for a trip to England in March.  

We went to help set up yesterday.  I spent $11.10.  I bought 2 shelves, 2 clothes racks, a measuring cup, alarm clock, desk organizer, a tart warmer, quilt batting, and a meat grinder.

Steve bought the usual cigarettes, soda and his lunch.

I put gas in my car.

Today I spent even more at the rummage sale---to the tune of another $15.50.  Today I bought a craft desk, Pyrex mixing bowls, houseshoes, 2 pairs of jeans, various kitchen utensils, mini muffin pans, gloves, books and movies.  I bought a lot of misc. items when they put it to be $1 per bag.  Then in the end I took home another shelf, kitchen cabinet unit and 2 other boxes of items free.

The house in the picture represents that it was the every other Friday day for half of the mortgage to be paid.  And, as usual, hubby bought his cigarettes, soda and lunch today.

Two more days---I should go ahead and start sorting it out now to make it easier to add up on the 1st.

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