Friday, October 28, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up--3 Uses for Chewing Gum and My Crafts

Good Friday morning to all!
I've been busy with my crafts this past week--which by the way are frugal.  It's rare that I buy new materials except for orders.  I buy at yard sales, thrift stores, or it's even given to me.  At the moment I am finishing up a quilt for one of my grandson's.  He will be 4 on Nov. 7.  I found some material in a tote that I had bough at a yard sale some time ago.  I had paid $1 for the material.  A lady at church gave me a  printed fabric that was intended to be made into one of those fabric books.  I decided to cut out the pages and make it a quilt instead.  I used one of the fabrics for in between the pages.  I used the other fabric for the backing.  The blanket that is in the middle I picked up in a bag on freecycle.  Even the roll of cotton thread that I am tieing it with was bought at a yard sale for .25.

I did some coupon shopping this past week but didn't get to posting about it. However, I spent just $18.39 out of pocket and saves $38.79 with coupons.

From the 99 Cent Solutions book this week I want to share 3 uses for chewing gum.

1.  Make a temporary repair.  You can fill a crack in the dog's dish--put it on the outside of the bowl so your pooch won't swallow it down with his food.  You can use a couple of wads as window putty if a pane of glass is loose.  You can even use a bit to hold together a broken pair of glasses until you can get them repaired.  (not out of the book, but we've used it to fish things out of the drain)

2.  Settle a sour stomach.  Spearmint gum is ideal for settling stomach rumbles and burbles, and the increased flow of saliva from gum chewing can help neutralize stomach acids.

3.  Capture a crab.  If you live near the docks and piers, all you need is a string, a net and a lure.  You can catch plenty of crabs using gum as your bait!  They are scavengers and will grab at it.  (This one sure is interesting  lol)

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