Thursday, October 27, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 10/27--Rocketmoms Assignment

Looking through my email I seen one for a rocketmoms assignment.  I've not kept up at all with the assignments but opened the email.  The assignment was to make a lens around a photograph you had taken.  Right away I stopped everything else and went to building.  I love that sunflower picture I took over the summer.

So, you will see my newest lens is Giant Sunflowers.  I've gotten very good comments on it that I still need to approve most of.  I will head in and do that after I get this post done.

I always right click to open the persons lensmaster page before approving the comment.  This way I can return the comment favor by commenting on one (or more) of their lenses as well.

I think I did work in a couple other lenses this past week, but since I didn't take a note about it, I don't remember which ones.  Yes, I am getting old....well ok, so I'm not....but I have so much going on that without notes, I am lost.

I added a list of my Jerky Direct downline's stores into my Jerky Direct Business Opportunity lens.  It's one way I could think of to maybe help my downline build.

I never did get the facebook fan page module to work for me, so I need to get into the forum and ask for help.  I'm putting in the correct address to my fan page so I have no idea why it's not showing up.  If I really need numbers to put in there I don't know where I would go to find those since it's been marshasspot at the end of the url for awhile now. 

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