Friday, October 28, 2011

Finished it Friday--Quilt for My Grandson's Birthday

This is my first time to take part in the Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday blog hop.
Look at me...a quilt finished by Friday.

I had this quilt done earlier today but then have been away from home until now.

This is an EXTREMELY frugal birthday gift for my grandson, Cash, who will soon be 4.

A lady at church gave me the sheet of fabric that was printed to make one of those fabric books.  I decided I wanted to cut out the pages and make it into a quilt instead.
In my mom's basement I found one of my old craft totes and inside were 2 pieces of fabric I had bought at a yard sale some time ago.  I paid .25 for one piece and .75 for the other piece.
Amazingly enough, one was just right to cut into the strips to put between the pictures.  The other fit for the back of the quilt!
The blanket that is on the inside I picked up with a sack of blankets from the freecycle list.
Even the thread I used was given to me by my mom's friend.
So.......I have only .75 invested in this quilt plus the time to make it---with love, of course.

I turned one corner back so you could see the design of the material on the back.  I wanted to bind around but the fabric was the same width as the top so I folded the sides in to sew them.  This is the first time I've tried this.

Ta da!  I hope he loves it!

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