Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 9

Today was Jasmine's birthday as you all know from my previous posts and the cell phone.  I don't think she was too thrilled that she didn't get the fancy one she wanted.....she said thank you and took my phone right away to get her friends put in to her own phone.  She texted everyone right away...she just didn't have the excitement I thought she should have.

Anyway back to today's spending.  

That I am aware of my husband didn't spend any money that I know of  past putting money in the offering plate at church.

I spent $22 and some change at Wal Mart.  Just over $12 of that was yarn and netting to use for craft orders, so that is not part of our budget.  I keep track of my business separately.   I used 4 more of the free Crave cat treat coupons so only paid sales tax on those.  I bought one can of the .30 canned cat food to see how the animals like it.  If they like it then I can spend less on the canned food by buying it.  I bought myself a new mouse for my computer.  My scrollie button quit working a couple of weeks ago and it's been driving me batty.  I bought the cheapest mouse for just $6.  I splurged on a package of the tart melts as I call them.  I love to scent up the house and was out.  I also splurged $1 and bought a sheet of Halloween clings.

Looks like that is my report for today.

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