Thursday, October 13, 2011

Squidoo Hopping Link Up--10/13/11

 Happy Thursday--Let's get to Squidoo hopping!

I'm still not finding the time that I want and need to dedicate to squidoo  :(

I did an update in my Jerky Direct Business Opportunity lens.  I updated some of the wording to be read better and updated the sizes of the packages.

I'm still working on getting all of my lenses giving 10% to a charity.  This week I added The LiveLovely Foundation to my Guns n' Roses lens, and to my Death Note lens.

I got a couple more of my lens links shared on redgage. 

I did add my more recent book review lens into my book reviews lens.  Boy, do I have a lot of book review lenses that could be built!   I also need to play catch up on getting This Day in History lenses done for dates that are important to me too.  Once I get them caught up I want to build a placeholder lens where anyone looking for a certain date might find it in that lens.   I've still not started the new homeschooling lens for this year either.  Who knows, I might surprise you next week and actually have new lenses to announce!

Yay! It's squidoo payday today too. $13.50 is my payday this week plus what was given to charity. My paydays are low but I strive to put in more time on squidoo and continue to watch each month grow. I am seeing some going to charity now with the lenses that I have moved over too.

Please do hook up and share your lenses, or posts that include helpful information about squidoo.  Thanks!

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