Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homeschool Journal--And Then There Are Weeks Like Last Week

As I look over my notes from last week I see NO math listed.  That's not a good thing.

Monday we did get to a few subjects---not many.  One thing that was wrong Monday was that I was doing an online party 8 hours of the day to sell my crafts.

Tuesday we went to Bible study at church in the morning as we do every week.  The rest of Tuesday I can't tell you.  I remember--she attended a choir performance at the high school.  A friend is in the choir and she was surprised to find several of her other friends also performing.

Wednesday is my husband's day off work.  He tends to turn on movies or maybe the History channel.  We don't tend to get a lot done.  We strive to have things for her to do that she can pretty much do on her own. (She doesn't like how he butts in with commentary and answers  LOL)  She did attend her youth group meeting Wednesday evening.

Thursday--I don't remember Thursday at all other than we spent the evening at church for family fun night--playing bingo.  Wait!  I remember something.  We are using the Every Day Fit program put out by Subway (kit received free over the internet).  I had her take 3 of the grandkids out and play 4-square.  It was one of the assignments to stay fit from the program.  Here is a picture I took of them playing:

Oh yeah, the public school was out on Thursday and Friday for conferences.  This means the grandkids were here all day.  She went to spend the night at her friends house Thursday evening.   Then she spent the night at another friends house on Friday.  A friend stayed overnight with her Saturday.

She informs me that she did a lot of things while away for the weekend with friends that would count for school:  attended a football game, baked cookies, and lots of walking for exercise.

So there you have it--this is what happens during a crazy week.  I'm not even certain that I even wrote down everything.

So far this week is looking a lot better!  Her birthday was Sunday, but I will share more about that in next week's post.

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