Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 11

Today we had an unexpected expenditure of buying me an elbow brace.  Well, not exactly unexpected as I've needed it for weeks.  It was a last minute decision of Steve though after bowling.  My doctor says my elbow tendons will never heal until I quit bowling, crocheting, sewing etc, however, the brace eases the pain while I am doing those things.

Otherwise, Steve spent a little more for his lunch today.  Jasmine and I also treated ourselves to Wendy's for lunch during sewing club at church.  It would have cost us about the same to buy something at the store though since we buy from the .99 menu.

The usual Tuesday night expenditure is for our bowling league.  We've been taking in our own soda even though we aren't supposed to, but he did buy Jasmine a soda.

Other spending included Steve buying soda and a pack of cigarettes.  Speaking of cigarettes, my prescription smoking cessation will be coming in the mail.  No co-pay with our insurance.
And speaking of the soda, I added up what I had for receipts and such for August.  On just soda I come up with $41.50.  I don't think this is correct as I'm sure several times he didn't tell me he bought, or I just didn't get it written down.  After this month and using this challenge I will have a much more accurate spending journal.  And, I'm in hopes that even though I won't be blogging about it next month that I can keep up the list.  They say it takes 3 months to get an average that is pretty close.

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