Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 14

Today the house icon represents that today was mortgage payment day.  We do pay it every other Friday.  This way it was easier for us to pay as well as it ends up giving us an extra month's payment each year.  They tell us that this will cut  7 to 8 years off of the loan.

Otherwise in money it's not been a good day.  Remember the electric bill payment that was returned?  I had told Steve to call the electric company to make sure they weren't going to send it back through.  Instead he just went online and paid it again.  Yep, you guessed it...they took both payments.  However, it bounced at the bank again.  This time they did pay it.  Wouldn't be that big of a deal but because of it there wasn't enough for the other 2 auto pays coming out today--loan payment on vehicle and life insurance.  

Steve made a trip to the loan company and got the payment date extended so all is well for now.
Other spending included the usual soda and cigarettes.  Plus the overdraft charge again.  Yikes!  That's $60 wasted this month---that would have been enough to pay the water bill.

Tomorrow is a new day...ok, so it's past midnight so it is today  LOL

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