Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday April 5

Good Morning. I wanted to get my blog written before heading out to church. I am on altar guild this month. I am having Steve get me there this week. Next week for Easter we will ask church members to get the whole gang there.
I woke up, went upstairs, looked out the back door, and what did I see? It's snowing! shoot....
I hadn't done my grocery shopping for the week. Last night I got to thinking about how today's high was only to be 40 so at 7 pm last night I gathered up a few coupons and Jasmine, Allen and I walked to the store and back. I spent more than usual, although I did have a plan for meals in my head.

I didn't get as many books at the sale yesterday as I usually get, but I have 2 piles to finish getting photos of and then get listed. I want to try to get them all listed between today and tomorrow evening before I do my online party. Then, of course, hope that we can get some people in to the party.

I updated Our Unschooling Journey 2 squidoo lens yesterday. I also updated my Traffic Galore lens.

I have a daughter not getting up and around for church, so I am going to close for now. Have a very blessed Sunday.
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