Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday April 10

Good Morning! It's Good Friday, and I do believe it's going to be a great Friday.
We had lots of rain and wind last night. So much rain that the driveway is flooded. Now they say skies will stay clear until Easter Sunday. If it's going to rain on Sunday I hope it waits until evening like it did last night.

Yesterday was a busy day, today will be a busy will Saturday and Sunday. It's all good, as I've smoked my last cigarette and I am bound and determined to keep it that way!
I've done dishes this morning, put pinto beans and seasoning in the crockpot to freeze portions for refried beans, and I have the eggs boiled for the kids to dye later.
Lots of housework to be done, things to do on the computer, crafts to get completed to mail to customers, the list goes on and on.

I did a bunch of posting on gather yesterday here and there. I am going to direct you to my post home page if you are interested. I wrote about my shopping, Jasmine's vegetarian meal, our walk and a couple of days ago about my Walgreens shopping. Marsha's Gather posts home page

No school for the kids today and I can hear from upstairs that they are already driving my mother insane....if they come down here they know they have to help me pick up their toys...they tend to avoid being down here when they know they have to clean up LOL I am going to get busy now on getting in clean...

Here's to a great start to your Easter weekend!
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