Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday April 9

Good Morning!
I got busy this morning with some housework and also looking through coupons for today's shopping trip. When I came over to the computer I couldn't get online. I'm here to tell you that I don't like the automated system that cable has now. I was pretty sure it was the modem or the wireless router but I didn't know what to do about it. It took 45 minutes to finally get to unplug the router, and plug it back in, whic is what got my internet back....sigh....

Jasmine and I will walk to the store today. My mom said when she called time and temp this morning it said 50ยบ that is what the predicted high it for the day. I hope I don't walk outside to find it colder than that!

I am doing a lot of sorting and reorganizing. I really need to get the address cards done and into my file box. I have made myself a big enough box that I can keep my envelopes, cards, stamps, etc also in the box. I'm to all the monthly cleaning items that I put to start in April. It is making a difference in the way the house is looking, so I am happy about that. Yesterday having to go to work put a damper on things, but I am catching up on the cards that I didn't get to.

I didn't seem to do much on the computer at all yesterday...and well, not seeming to get much done today either. It really pays to find the time to keep your coupons cut and organized. I am having to go through what is in my binder, what is in the abc file box cut and ready for the binder as well as stacks of uncut inserts to get ready for my shopping.

I will stop boring you today, maybe I will have something more exciting tomorrow...although I do plan on sleeping in tomorrow since there is no school, and it's my big cleaning in the basement never ends does it?

Have a good Maundy Thursday.
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