Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11

Happy Saturday!
Looks like todays high is to be 64 and tomorrow back down to only 50 for a high.
We are heading out soon to the church where the kids go for Awanas for an Easter egg hunt.
Once home I am starting on our Easter Dinner. We are doing our dinner and egg hunt at home today. Tomorrow the grandkids go with their father right after church is over.

I sure felt like I had a very productive day yesterday. It was a nice feeling after week of feeling like I wasn't getting much done. I don't expect to get much done today or tomorrow except Holiday things, and I am ok with that.

I updated my squidoo lens on my Crafts As Gifts. It really needed to be updated for sure!
I also wrote a couple extra posts on gather...nothing important really, rants mostly. I was feeling frustrated with not smoking, but I made it through. Now, to make it through today, tomorrow and onward. I know each day without smoking will be even better than the day before until my craving is gone.

I got in my Cranenergy drink from gather to try and to review. I will start today to replace my afternoon can of Dr. Pepper with the Cranenergy to see what it does for me.

I won't be posting a blog tomorrow so I will end today by saying:

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