Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday November 19

Good Morning.
My daughter didn't show up to take Allen to school. I took the van, which was not smart. I put water in it before leaving, which all of it was out by the time I got back home....or well, the rest of it spewed out in to the driveway. The whole motor is covered with anti-freeze.
No one picked me up from work yesterday so I ended up walking home. I don't have a ride to work tomorrow so I do plan on taking the van as the high is only 40! Just say a prayer that I make it there and back.
Regardless of the money, I think it's time for me to put in my 2 week notice to quit. I'm not going to make enough to get another vehicle anyway and I can't expect someone to take me and pick me up each day....and they aren't reliable to do so anyway. I will not walk to work in winter! That measly $8.56 an hour I get is just not worth it and I only work 3 hours a day, 4 days a week on a full Headstart week.

I've been working daily on crafts and trying to list something each day that I can. I have enough supplies on hand right now to do several crafts too.
I am waiting on a reply back from the owner of homeschoolbuy to see if he is going to truly fix the glitch in the auctions. If he doesn't soon then I am moving all those books over to blujay as well.

I'm paying attention and doing more of the survey sites. And, I did get in on the Ghiradelli chocolate with shespeaks!!

I did decide for sure to cancel my paid membership with winster. Since I can't earn enough points in a month to cover the $5 then I just can't do it. It will take some pressure off anyway and free up time. I can play as a free player when I have the extra time in the day and still eventually earn enough points.

I've been pretty much keeping up with cutting and sorting my coupons. This will help a lot on saving money.

I guess I will quit going on for today, only an hour left now before I have to get off to work. I will be safe today and walk since the weather is decent.

Have the best day that you can!
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