Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday November 22

Good Morning. The sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing. It's still chilly, but looks like a beautiful day.
My daughter and her boyfriend just surprised me by showing up to take the kids downtown to the Christmas parade. That will be nice for them (and a break from kids for us he he)
I plan on trying to take the van to the grocery store today, it's only 4 blocks away. I'm getting out the recipes that I've printed that I want to try and making my grocery list.

I spent yesterday dreaming of what a day would be like if I'm not working anymore at all. I spent a lot of time upstairs instead of down here on the computer. I vacuumed the living room, swept the kitchen. I washed some dishes (I've not washed dishes at all since moving in with my mom, so about time I start doing my fair share there). I spent a few hours putting supper together. I will share the recipe for the meatballs I made as I posted it to gather.

I got my camera back from my son...batteries are about gone, but I got the good pic of the hair scrunchies and got a pair up on blujay. I also worked on putting some things together for others for the Christmas Wishlist group on gather.

And speaking of gather, here is the recipe I made yesterday and shared on gather last night. Crispy German Meatballs Recipe

I guess that is all for today. Have a great Saturday!
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