Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday November 18

Good Morning.
Listening to the radio it says today high is 56. Yesterday was about the same, and it wasn't bad outside because there was little wind.
Allen has a dentist appt. this morning, and just in time that my daughter can drop me off at work on the way to take him. After I get off Heather has an appt at the Health Dept. I'm sure hoping my daughter will take her there too. I'm not sure what we are doing about my mom's dr. appt this afternoon. Bowling isn't a problem as Steve picks me up for that each week.

I scanned 2 of the hair scrunchies that I have made and posted to gather. The problem is that for some reason my scanner shows them some ugly brown color over the pretty red that they are. I got a lot of nice comments on them. Hair Scrunchies That I Made

Homeschoolbuy still has the glitch of closing auctions with bids before they actually end. It's making it hard for me to actually get the sales from the bids. I have put in a contact to the owner one last time asking him to please figure out what is going on. If he can't figure it out I really should just put all my 90 books over to blujay. If I end up doing that, it will be a Thanksgiving weekend project.

Have a glorious day!
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