Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday November 16

Good Morning.
My son couldn't get the hood open on my van yesterday to see what the problem is. We have rides coming to get the 8 of us to church this morning. It's Allen's first communion today and pastor wanted to make sure none of us missed it.

I finished up the order of dish scrubbies yesterday. Today I am going to mess around and see if I can make some crocheted hair scrunchies. These will make nice gifts for the girls on my Christmas list and if they turn out nice will be a new addition to the crafts that I sell.

I cashed out at spotwinner yesterday for $10 amazon. It's a fun site and I look forward to starting over again on points to cash out again. All amazon I earn is going to save to buy a laptop.

I have my weekly mail call post on gather to share with you all today. Mail Call! Week of November 9

I also did build another squidoo lens. This one is on Cello In the Box. It's a business that I sell for. Cello In a Box

Time to get kids up and ready for church, so until tomorrow, I will you the most blessed day.

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