Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday November 17

Good Morning.
The bad news is that my son did come and get the hood open. He fixed the latch on that, but found the radiator to be dry. When refilling it he discovered the water pump is leaking. So it's not the thermostat as I suspected as he said it was going whacko since it was reading air with an empty radiator.
Let's see.....I would rather spend that $100+ towards buying something else (if I even had it). The van has so many other problems, like the exhaust system being held up with hangers, neither door opening from the outside, the rack and pinion being held together with a dog chain and bolt, whatever he found wrong with the chassee and more.

On a craft note, I started crocheting the hair scrunchies yesterday, they seem tobe coming out cute. I will make what I need for Christmas presents, then list the rest of blujay.

I don't have a gather post to share today. I tried again to post a video there with no luck. It went through and processed but when I hit submit it didn't go through.

I'm going to get started on what I can on here before work...which looks like I have to walk, so please say a prayer for me that I do ok there.

Have a good day,
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