Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday October 10

Thank God It's Friday...and I mean that!
Yesterday was a long exhausting day celebrating Jasmine's 12th birthday. I worked for 3 hours, then spent 3 hours cooking her meal for her, then 3 more hours of shopping with her birthday money, opening gifts and having cake and ice cream. Afterwords we came downstairs and watch Rose Red, which didn't end until midnight so we stayed up a lot later than we should have.

I am about to take my mom to the doctor this morning. We changed her appt from yesterday to not interupt Jasmine's day. Once done there, my daughter and I are going to the Mennonite church to order our food from Angel Food Ministries. After that I have no other plans except to do a couple loads of laundry and get done what I can here on the computer.

I got another lens built yesterday, this one on the online craft mall at Under The Rainbow. Please click over on the left and check it out. I won a free space at the party, so I am going to use my lens, in conjunction with gather and have a contest to give that party spot away.

I did put in photos of Jasmine's day at gather too. Jasmine's 12th Birthday--October 9, 2008 with photos

I got the rest of my photos resized and ready to share and make photo essays with this morning too. Better run for now, need to get mom for her fasting lab.

A wonderful day to all,
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