Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday October 6

Good Morning! After so many days of just about perfect weather, it's raining this morning. I'm sure we need it, it's been almost a month since it's rained.
I don't believe there is a thing on my planner outside of work today! I may get to take Heather to math tutoring today instead of tomorrow because Allen has a dentist appt. tomorrow afternoon.

I went ahead last night and added another lens at squidoo. I'm on my trek now of putting in the book reviews to build with. I've added it to the side bar on the left.

For my gather post to share today I have this--- My Mom's 62nd Birthday with Photos
I have videos and photos from our church's 120th anniversary that I will get off of my camera today and on to my computer. I have lots of misc. photos as well. Isn't this fun? I have $150 in amazon collected from gather so far towards my goal of buying the laptop!

I better daughter showing up to take Allen to school and I am having trouble getting him woke up to get dressed and off to school.

Have a glorious day!
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