Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday October 5

Good Sunday Morning!
The concert at our church last night was nice. I took some photos and videos. I will do more today. I will post the videos on gather as well as do a photo essay.
I look forward to the dinner after church today.
Once home I want to concentrate of getting my house back in to order. With being busy and worrying about getting things looked through for the yard sale I've let other things slide.

I tried to play some winster this morning but the site is down for maintenance. All I got to do yesterday was log in and get my 300 spins. The good thing is as a paid member you don't lose the spins that you don't use each day so when I log in later today I should have 600 spins. At least that is what another member told me.

Today I have my weekly Mail Call post to share with you from gather. I did pretty well this week including getting in another $50 amazon card from gather! Mail Call! Week of September 28

Guess I better start waking up kids for church to make sure we are there early enough to get our back pews.

Have a blessed day,
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