Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday October 9

Happy birthday to my Jasmine today! She is now 12 years old and hasn't been my baby anymore for some time.
We got to the store last night and bought her ice cream. We got hamburger patties and hot dogs, the buns, and the fixings for the bbq she wants to have. We still have to get her cake today. I have a potato salad recipe that I printed from a gather post that I want to try out too.

I made it to work and back yesterday with the help of Steve. Later in the day the other guys came and got the donut spare put on my van to find that it was pretty flat. They got air in it and this morning it's still up thank goodness. I hope I can get by driving on it until payday next week. Jasmine and I walked to the store and shopped while they were working on it then they came to pick us and the groceries up.

The party went well for me last night even though very few were there. I got 2 orders for Jerky and a total of 12 dish scrubbies ordered. with making the scrubbies and the hotpads and coasters that I gave as a prize I will be busy this next week. Want to check out the Jerky for yourself? It's the best around. As of the 1st of this month I am doing the Jerky only with my business. Jerky Direct
I also won another prize last night bringing me to a total of 6 for the event! And....I also was drawn to win the grand prize. The 4 days of partying ended up being a real blessing for me and will sure be a great help as I am gathering items to give for Christmas.

I am off to see if I can get in some spins over at winster. The last few days I've only been there about long enough to log in and gather up my spins for the day. I was very impressed with winster! When I cashed out for my $5 amazon, within minutes I had the code.

Take care all and wish Jasmine a Happy Birthday today.

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