Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday October 7

Well, it ended raining from morning until bedtime last night. I guess that's what happens when it doesn't rain for 3 weeks. It's a bit chilly out today because of the wind.
It's going to be a busy day. I'm off to work in 30 minutes. Immediately followed by taking Heather to math tutoring. My daughter took an out of town painting job so that leaves me taking Allen to the dentist this afternoon too. Then, mom's usual trip to the doctor and bowling this evening. I really begin to despise Tuesdays! I love bowling, it's the rest of it that I don't like.

I didn't do much with gather yesterday...uploaded some photos since my video wouldn't go through.
I did however do another squidoo lens. At the Spooky celebration Ralyn announced she is now taking founding consultants for Under The Rainbow Gifts. I ask you to please click on the Under The Rainbow link under my lens to the left and check it out. She's got a good program going with lots of gifts to choose from.

I also won 2 more prizes in the Spooky Celebration! A shelf sitter doll and a set of Infant hair clips. With my order I placed with Bonnie for the scissors and holders, these 2 prizes, the play foam, and pillow that I won earlier these will all be great help with my Christmas gifts. There is still tomorrow for the celebration, of which I am presenting my website again from 8-9 pm, right before the last drawing and grand prize draw! Watch for links in tomorrow's blog.

Have a good day everyone,
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