Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Do You Handle a Busy Life and Finding Time for School?

Just how you handle the stress of having a very busy life outside the home and trying to find time for schoolwork??
Maybe the real question is how NOT to have such a busy life outside of the home?

Last week the Kansas State fair was in town. we were so busy away from home I didn't even do a bolg post here about our homeschool! But, let's go to the week before that.

We are early in to the school year and I'm already feeling major stress over lack of time at home and the lack of "book work" that is getting done. I keep weekly notes of what we get done. This year Jasmine is in high school. This means that not only am I jotting down what we do, but I am also keeping track of how much time is spent on each thing. The week of September 4th was a holiday week. Labor day meant no school for the grandkids. With them home all day, doing school work with Jasmine is virtually impossible.

Here is what I have down in my notebook: Church 60 minutes---Bible study 90 minutes--Guideposts devotions a total of 17 minutes---reading in book for history a total of 75 minutes---math 60 minutes--Home Ec reading 15 minutes---English 120 minutes----Science 22 minutes----Reading on her own 15 minutes----youth group 120 minutes, (When I type it out this way it doesn't look so bad I guess, and it is early in the school year---maybe I just need to relax??)

This past week of Sept 11 was horrible for me. We spent endless hours at the Kansas State Fair. Four of those hours was with the Headstart class, the rest on our own. I have made myself a list of different education things we did at the fair such as visiting the petting zoo, the animal birthing center etc. I've also included a lot of the walking time as PE time. But man, with those trips to the fair we only did most subjects just ONCE for the entire week (as far as working in our stack of books)

This is the week of Sept. 18---didn't start well when I have to be gone yesterday almost 5 hours with my mom to a dr. appt. I wasn't prepared to be away and all I asked Jasmine to do was to work on cleaning her room! Once home all I thought about was a nap. Wait!! I want to talk about this week next Tuesday so I'm going to stop.

This is more of a rant than anything else......a way for me to get my stress and frustrations off of my chest. However, I do want to know how many others are out there like me and having this time problem.

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