Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday April 24

Good Morning. I'm slacking on getting my blog written as early as I should. I keep jumping back and forth between cleaning and computering. I was really wishing the kids would get up and do my cleaning for me today for my birthday but no such luck. I would put it off until tomorrow, but it's a wreck down here and I have plans for tomorrow evening too.

I had forgotten about my grandson's program at school until after Jasmine and I got back from our walk to do the shopping for the week. Here is my shopping trip post Shopping Trip 4/23/09 I got lots of video from his program now to share on gather. I got in all the Easter videos in to gather yesterday finally...those and 2 of the kittens!

This evening I am going to the Wichita Crown Uptown Theater with a group from church. We are taking a bus. It should be lots of fun, I just need to let myself have a good time and not stress over the computer time I am missing!

I'm still busy getting my blujay items rotating in reallysmartdeals. I'm just over halfway there so I imagine I will have to finish it up tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, here's to a great start to your weekend!
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