Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday April 22

Good Morning! I slept in this morning. I wasn't feeling well overnight so didn't sleep much.
The weather today is supposed to be even better than yesterday, which is aweseome. From the looks of the forecast I think I can safely say that Spring is finally here to stay.

We went in to do child care for that meeting last night only to find out that the meeting is this evening. We will go back this evening. Since we didn't have to do the child care I had Liz drive us over so that Jasmine could see Steve's basement place. We then ended up being invited to stay to bbq. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store. I wanted to stock up some on the .67 tv dinners. Those are sure nice to have for our lunches while the kids are at school during the week.
When I got home I came to my blog and seen that my blujay button was intact again. I clicked on it and sure enough blujay is back! Praise the Lord! I was really stressing over having to get new photos and write descriptions all over for over 100 items. I was also then able to see my invoice and get that order out in today's mail too.

I signed up for clickbank and chose some products. Today I hope to get figured out how to add the products to my squidoo lenses that are of the same subject. I will get this figured out!
This morning I've been going through the pointsandprizes sponsors getting point words. I am in hopes that by the end of May I will have enough points to get something that I really want or need with my points.

Nothing else exciting really. We have some companies coming out today to give estimates on fixing mom's bathroom. Jasmine won't be able to go to work with me this evening since tonight is Awanas. I can't believe next week is the last week of Awanas, they usually go on into May closer to when the school year ends.

I better quit boring you for this day and get on to my "online ventures" and the rest of my housecleaning.
Have a good Wednesday,
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