Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Oh My Gosh, it feels like such a lazy day.
We went to church this morning. That was nice after not being able to drive ourselves there is what seemed like forever. We had 10 baptisms this morning! We got home shortly after noon. I fixed ham and egg salad sandwiches with applesauce for lunch. I have chicken going in the crockpost. Half the chicken will go in to the freezer for another meal, the other half I am making chicken alfredo with for supper.
After lunch I laid down...for way too long....I just got up and am getting on the computer for the first time today at 3 pm. I will do what I can on here today, but I also need to get a headstart on the housework so that doesn't become an all day job tomorrow.
My aunt and uncle will be here sometime Tuesday from Michigan.

I did work on the plarn gift bag yesterday. I also put in 5 photos and 1 video and 3 posts on gather, including my weekly mail call post. I hope you will take a look, I had some fantasic mail this past week! Mail Call! Week of February 15

I didn't get anything done on squidoo, in fact, I never even opened it yesterday. I ended up being gone all evening after supper with my mom. We went shopping and visited my son. Once home I was so tired I just wanted to get in to bed.

I am off to start my alternating between computer and housework. Have a great rest of what is left of the weekend.
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