Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday February 26

Good Morning. The weather is making a change. After a few days of spring like weather it's clouded up and is very moist outside. I guess we see what it brings with it.
Today is another busy day. I was to take my daughter to a dr. appt. this morning but her boyfriend ended up able to take her. I am going to volunteer in Ariel and Araya's Headstart classroom today. We are planning a get together at my brothers later this afternoon with my aunt and uncle.
I am trying to get most all my internet stuff done on the computer before leaving for Headstart.

I am almost done doing my clearing work in my group on gather. This is something I didn't find the time to do at all yesterday.

I did get a couple of squidoo lenses updated yesterday and a couple more updated this morning. Here is the last one I updated: Earn With Marsha

I got quite a bit of work done on the newest plarn pattern I am trying while out and about yesterday. I will take it when we go today too. I will close for now. I do want time for a short rest time this morning before the afternoon in a classroom of 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Have a great Thursday!
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