Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday February 23

Good Morning, almost afternoon. I am jumping back and forth between cleaning and computer work.
I've been reading The Sidetracked Home Executive. It's been on my shelf so who knows how long...sheesh! I will be doing a review of it once I am done, but it sure is a book that all should read if they really want their houses to not only be clean, but organized as well.
I am having trouble with the cleaning part as there just isn't a place for everything in this house. There is just way too much stuff here!!
I don't think I can even come close by Wednesday on how I want it to look here in the basement before my aunt and uncle arrive. Not to mention that the upstairs is probably a lot more important and not a thing is getting done up there!

The girls go to school soon and then my mother will have the whole afternoon to work on things upstairs...will she?

I got my homeschool journey squidoo lens updated yesterday. Our Unschooling Journey

I did my first Zatarain product review on gather yesterday. Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix Review
I plan on trying the Red Beans and Rice Mix tonight for supper.

Off I go on another cleaning splurge before the girls head off to school, then I'm taking a short nap!

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