Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday January 28

Good Morning. It is still morning. I've gotten caught up in doing about 10 things at once both on and off the computer. I cleaned for about an hour, I've been working on things in my group on gather, clicking other sites, and also getting coupons ready in hopes of getting a ride to the store here n a bit. They are having the buy 10 get an extra $5 off sale again this week.

Soon it will be time for the Sweetheart Celebration to start! I am presenting from 3-4 pm cst. I hope you can make it in and join us for awhile. Right after my time is the activity hour then the live prize drawing, first one of the day. You can find us at Under The Rainbow Sweetheart Celebration!
Sweetheart Celebration
For Some reason the banner isn't working, so please click the link above it.

The kids have Awanas this evening...and I really need to get Jasmine up and out of bed now and get her started on some schoolwork for the day.

Let's see what I have for you in squidoo about another fun music lens. This one is on REO Speedwagon. I hope you enjoy the videos and lyrics that I chose to share. REO Speedwagon Fans
I have quite a bit of updating to do at squidoo as well as the other lenses to build. I will concentrate more on that next week once the celebration is over this week.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day,
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