Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday January 29-Happy Birthday Kansas!

Good Morning. It warmed up enough yesterday to mels almost all the snow from Monday and Tuesday. Now, if every winter was like this one,I suppose I wouldn't complain too much. I like the snow, as it's beautiful, just don't like the wind and cold that comes with it.

Today is Kansas' 148th Birthday. I'm going to have Jasmine make a lapbook on Kansas, so I've been busy in between internet stuff and cleaning getting some stuff rounded up for her to work with. Going next to print off some things for her lapbook.

My coupon routine is getting messed up because of the online parties this week. Monday and again Friday I won't get off of here to work on them while I watch my shows. I will this evening though while I watch Grey's Anatomy. I did go through coupons yesterday to shop the sale at the store, and I was glad for the ones that I did have organized that were easy to find.

I think for today I will feature my lens on our unschooling journey. I've not share it since adding some photos. It really makes it stand out. I also realized just how long the lens would be if I indeed do all 52 weeks in one lens. I've decided to make it into 5 different lenses over the span of the year, with 10 week in all but the last one. Our Unschooling Journey

Have a great Thursday!
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