Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday January 30

Good morning! It's Friday!
I got my wireless router in and hooked up yesterday. Now I am ready when I do get that laptop but I have a lot of saving up yet to do to reach that goal.
We ended up spending hours yesterday working on cleaning and organizing my mom's house here so I didn't get a whole lot of internet time. Sometimes you just have to do that.
I'm still working in my own group on gather...clearing content that has 25+ comments and posting 10 posts a day that don't have that many yet. It's really kind of fun and I am seeing content that I've missed along the way in the process.

Today is the final day of the Sweetheart Celebration at Under The Rainbow. I'm not presenting, but will spend most of my day there. I've been drawn to win 3 prizes, that is really cool. I think I will get the other 2 magnetic bracelets made and listed on blujay today. Otherwise I am going to work on cleaning around my desk area while I sit here.

I sold 3 auctions at homeschoolbuy recently, so I want to make my featured squidoo lens to be about that site today. It's a nice site, with a great owner who is always there to help when you need it. Homeschool Buy

I'm off for now, trying to get through all my paid to clicks and things before the online party starts.

Have a great Friday and an awesome start to your weekend.
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