Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday January 25

Good Morning...and I say that after I had this all typed in, but then somehow highlighted and deleted everything I had typed!!
The weather is cold and now they say for sure the icy drizzle will start after midnight. I hope the roads aren't too bad in the morning. I got my state income tax refund in the mail yesterday. I need to ride along when they take Allen to school in the morning and get to the bank and cash it.

Yesterday I did find my crochet hook finally, under one of the rugs of all places.
I also ordered the wireless router and 2 cards from amazon. I can't wait until they come in and try that out, although I am still a long ways from saving to get my laptop.
Mo real plans today other than doing what I can here on the computer.

I posted my weekly Mail Call post on gather. I sure wish I could get that much every week, I would then be wealthy LOL Mail Call! Week of January 18

For today's squidoo lens I want to feature another fun music one. This one is on Aerosmith. I hope you will enjoy the videos and lyrics that I chose. Aerosmith Fans

Now here I am back to where I was when I deleted it all, so I will day have a great day!
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