Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday January 27

Good Morning!
Snowing, snowing, snowing is what it is doing outside. Today the flakes are a lot larger so we will see a lot more accumulation.
I got wrapped up in the online party yesterday and didn't seem to get much else done on the computer.
I did make a trip to Wal mart though and stocked up on some household items, as well as bought some craft supplies. I'm giving a hand at making magnetic bracelets now. My family keeps taking them as I make them but I did get one listed on blujay.

Let's see if I got this image thing right. Yesterday was the first day in a year I've seen the photo button above (yes, I have a lot of these duh moments.)

I'm going to go add my newest crafts to my crafts squidoo lens as soon as I am done typing this, so, I will make that my featured lens for today. Marsha's Crafts

Tonight is bowling. I did get one order in the party for craft items so I will work on those today and hopefully finish them up this evening. I always look forward to bowling but don't look forward to the ride there in this winter weather.

Until Wednesday, have the best day possible!
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