Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday January 31

Here we are to the last day of January. Tomorrow is Superbowl. Any plans for Superbowl? I am not in to sports but I bet it will be on my tv all day anyway LOL
The weather here is good today, with a high of 68, but tomorrows high is supposed to drop down to 46. As I seen in someone's post on gather yesterday, no wonder everyone is sick...crazy weather.

Today I am going to get crocheting on another plarn shopping bag. As far as the computer I'm going to do all I can to catch up on gather posts. I don't plan any real cleaning today, that will come tomorrow.

Jasmine and I finished her first lapbook yesterday on Kansas. Here is a photo of the front of it. I will be building a squidoo lens on it later today...then as we make more, those will all go into one squidoo lens.

I think I will give you a break today and not share a squidoo lens. I have to update the unschooling journey one today and build the one on the lapbook.

I'm going to run now and get going on things. I hope your Saturday is awesome!
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