Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday January 5

I want to say good morning, but it's not a good morning.
I thought things were great. Hey, I got up so much earlier that my morning housework was done by the time I had been getting out of bed the past 2 weeks. Then....I came to sit at my computer only to find all kinds of things wrong here. Rather than type it all out again, I ask that you go read it all on my gather post please. Please Pray for my Computer!

Why not go ahead and share a squidoo lens while I am typing too. This is my lens about homeschoolbuy. Homeschoolbuy It needs a little updating, but still is accurate.

I did manage to work on the plarn shopping bag yesterday, got all my coupons cut out and got the rest of my books pictured and file written out so they are ready to post. Today I want to get the coupons in to my big book and finish the shopping bag. And, get rid of this Rogue virus on here!!

Have a good day all,
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