Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday January 7

good morning!
I got called in to work you recall, I quit with my last day being December 18 right before the Christmas/New Year's break. So much for that, they begged. gggrrrrr I need to learn how to say no! Needless to say I didn't remember until I was in bed last night that I didn't do a post here once I was home from work. I am about to head out for work today, but did want to post.

In case you are wondering, my computer did go completely down due to that Rogue fake anti virus virus. I lost everything. I am currently using my son's computer, which is wonderful of him to let me do so that I can continue to earn! I can't figure out why it won't let me upload photos on gather. Hopefully they can help me figure it out.

Nothing else much going on. I was still able to get quite a bit done on the computer in between work and bowling last night, but sure didn't get much email done. I sure hope they don't think they can just call me all the time, that is definately not in my plans! If I wanted to work I wouldn't have quit in the first place!

Here is a squidoo lens to share for today....this is a fun one on Betty Boop that I built for my oldest daughter, Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy it. Betty Boop for Liz

Off to find myself a ride to work. Have a good day!
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