Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday January 10

Good Morning! I didn't realize until supper time last night that I didn't get my post done here before heading to work yesterday morning.
Thank goodness the week is over! Yes, I will enjoy that little paycheck in February, but it was such a frustrating week for me having to work when I thought I was done with it.
The weather was great all week. It took a turn with a cold front last night. It was great while it lasted.

I still haven't gotten my coupons done like I wanted. I will work on those today as well as getting bags ready to start crocheting a 3rd shopping bag. That along with my clicking on the computer.

Today I want to share the squidoo lens that I made for my son. It's all about Legos. I have some cool photos of things made with Legos, along with a couple of cute videos as well. Legos for Johnathon

Until tomorrow I hope your Saturday is a great and productive one.
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