Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday March 14

Well, Well, Well...I stayed up until just after 1 am last night working through my email. I got it down to 600 in my inbox (currently back up to 829)
I didn't get out of bed until 9:30 this morning, and that was because my ex husband called from prison. I asked him how he got money for phone calls. He told me he crocheted a blanket, then latch hooked a Kansas City Chiefs helmut and the word Chiefs on it and sold it for big bucks. First he used some of the money to buy more yarn then the phone card. It's a crying shame that he sells more crafts in prison than I sell from home!! He sells things all the time. He really enjoys crocheting very large stuffed Winnie the Pooh animals.

I posted another Budget meal on gather last night. Today I will be doing my weekly mail call post and probably another budget meal. Budget Supper 3/13/09

Jasmine finished her Anime lapbook yesterday so her lapbooks lens is one that I got updated on squidoo yesterday. Jasmine's Lapbooks
Today I will be starting a new lens...part 2 of our Unschooling Journey.

Since my tv went out I am watching my shows upstairs. I don't watch all that many shows, but it will be good for awhile. Watching 2 shows yesterday I got all the rest of my coupons cut and in to my box as well as got an almost 6 lb ham cut into cubes and divided into bags for the freezer. My aunt is getting a new tv and giving us the old one, so that will solve our problem until my son is able to take a look at mine. I'm thinking it's something simple inside such as a blown fuse. God works things out for us in mysterious ways.

I'm going to head out...almost noon and I still need to get my bath for the day! Have an awesome Saturday! I hope you are seeing some spring time weather. Today's high here is supposed to be 50 and it's 41 right now.
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