Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday March 10

Good Morning!
I guess it's a good thing it's spring break week for us to get used to the time change. Once again I slept late. Not at last as yesterday, as yesterday I was stil in bed at this time. It's a busier day today with taking my mom to the dr. this afternoon and we have our bowling league this evening. I really, really, really need to clean house! I spent a long time shopping at Walgreens yesterday afternoon, then we went to my Aunt's house for awhile after that. Once home, I took a nap before supper!

Here is the gather post I did, including a photo, of my Walgreens shopping. Walgreens Shopping Trip 3/9/09

I had all my coupons cut, but while at my aunts I got about 8 weeks worth on inserts. That's great though, just means my coupons will never be caught up LOL I have the sales list for our grocery store that starts tomorrow. Just another thing I want to get done today is to have my shopping list made out with matching coupons. I'm thinking I may need to wait and shop on Thursday to give myself more time to get that totally organized. It's a lot of time and work, but well worth it.

I've been getting little updates done on my squidoo lenses. I have little things to do on all of them, which is great as that keeps them fresh. One that I got done was my Jerky Direct lens. Jerky Direct Business Opportunity I added notice to come take the free tour with no obligation. I hope you will come take the tour and see what the business is all about. I really enjoy it!

I need to run upstairs and get a roast in the crockpot for supper and get my bath. Then, come back down here and see what I can accomplish online, with my coupons and with my cleaning down here. Wish me luck...or say a prayer for strength to get done what is needed.

Have a great Tuesday!
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