Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday March 15

Good Morning! I actually crawled out of bed this morning so that I could get some of my internet things done before church. Do you believe it?? All of last week since the time change I would have still been in bed for another hour or so!

Today's plans include church. Past that, I would like to get a good start on putting together my cleaning and organizing file system. After yesterday I just need to do a few simple household chores. I plan on putting chicken in the crockpot for supper. Other than than, just all of the things I do on the computer every day.

I upgraded my account with yesterday. Once I get through all the extra clicks I get for being upgraded I will be able to cash out there today. It's a nice little site. You can check it out with the banner at the bottom if you would like. All clicks are worth 1 cent.

I did my weekly mail call post on gather. I sure didn't get much in this past week, but I've not been doing well in the area of sending off for the freebies like I have in the past. Mail Call! Week of March 8
I also did another budget supper post. Budget Supper March 14, 2009

Oh yes, I got a new squidoo lens built yesterday. It's part 2 of our unschooling journey. I also updated the original to include links to all of our other homeschool related lenses. Our Unschooling Journey Part 2

It's that time....time for me to get everyone else in the house awake and motivated and to finish getting myself ready.

I wish you all a blessed Sunday!
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