Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday March 12

Good Morning. Once again a cold day. They say today's high is to be 38, but it never made the 36 yesterday.
Today I have to take my mom to the dr. this afternoon and this evening is church council meeting. My grocery shopping will definitely be tomorrow and not today. I did get more of my coupons ready, but will spend today getting the rest ready.
This is why is pays to keep the coupons organized, then you are ready when the sales come to easily find what you need.

I joined a cool group on gather yesterday called Graphics and Generic comments. Anyone who joins agrees to have either or. I love doing the cut and paste graphic comments. Here's one I saved this morning to use in the group.

Joanne's Glitter Comments
Joanne's Layouts!

I'm still updating squidoo lenses. Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way, but just doing small updates here and there to keep them fresh instead of doing all that I want to do to each one all at one time. One that I updated yesterday is the one I made on traffic exchanges. Traffic Galore I'm doing Easyhits4u most all day now. It seems to give the best traffic and pays .30 for every 1,000 sites you surf with payout at just $3. I've been paid lots through them over the years.

Since once again I slept way past the time I wanted to I better get down to business on this thing. Thankfully I did enough housework yesterday that all I have to do today is the basic stuff.

Have a wonderful Thursday!
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