Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday February 1

Here it is February 1. Today is my oldest daughters birthday. She is 23 today. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

I did end up getting some cleaning done yesterday afterall, and I'm working on laundry right now. I will need to make laundry soap today. Despite what my mother thinks about it, why should I buy it when I have the ingredients to make it?

I got a lot of the plarn cut and made yesterday for my next shopping bag. I think it will be pretty as I found a large light green dress bag to cut up. Below is a photo of the blue and white bag that I have up for sale on blujay.

Here is my weekly Mail Call post on gather. I think I had a great mail week, I got something every day I think. Mail Call! Week of January 25

And, as promised, I made the squidoo lens on our Kansas Lapbook. I hope you will take a look. We will make more then I have to decide if I will do a separate lens on each one, or a combination lens. Kansas Lapbook

Until tomorrow, have a very blessed Sunday.
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