Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday February 3

Good Morning! Well, you know the weather..unpredictable...our high of 49 for today changed now to 37. They are now showing 45 for tomorrow, 64 for Thursday, 73 for Friday and 68 for Saturday. Those sure will be nice if the forecast holds up.

I got through crocheting the green into my shopping bag, and got several more white bags cut up. I will work on that as time permits today. It's bowling this evening so that cuts out a lot of my time. I finally got my Sample Gal stuff figured out and am heading from here to build a squidoo lens about it. Want to check out the page now? You can do so by going to Marsha's Sample Gal page

Here is another post that I did on gather on Sunday. This one is about some homemade cleaners that I made. Now I've Made Homemade Cleaner and Homemade Febreze

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I finished reading a book last night. I will do a book review at both gather and squidoo on it, but doubt I will get that done today. Once done, after I build the Sample Gal lens today I will only need to build 3 more lenses before I can apply for Giant Squid.

Take care my friends, and until tomorrow, have a great day!
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