Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday February 2

Good Morning! It's Monday again. Our weather is still looking nice with highs in the 40's today and tomorrow. High in the 50's Wednesday and highs in the 60's for Thursday and Friday. I think we traded winter weather with Texas!
I've been cleaning already this morning and only have a couple things left to do for the day...well, always more can be done.
I'm working on this shopping bag, but have found that the dress bag is a stickier plastic than the regular bags. It's going to be pretty, just going to take me longer to get the green crocheted through.

Here is a post that I put on gather yesterday about making my laundry soap. Getting Ready to Make Laundry Soap

I didn't do much but check in at squidoo yesterday. I have 2 lenses to get updated today. Let's see.....recently I updated my crafts lens so I will feature it today. Marsha's Crafts

Ok, I'm going to get the rest of this housework done...then I have 2 more posts to get onto gather as well as 3 photos. I made my goal of over 100 points yesterday!

Have a good day,
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