Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday February 7

Good Morning!
The weather is still supposed to be nice today with a high of 64. We ended up bbqing last night for supper...that sure was a February treat.
I slacked on my coupon sorting last night as I got too into cutting the quilt squares. I still have quite a few to get cut yet today to cut all of the material that I have. I think the hardest part is going to be getting them sewn together. I have to figure out how to fill bobbins again on my machine before I even start on that part.
I guess today's plans include cutting the rest of the squares, updating some squidoo lenses, my usual posts on gather and then all the email I can get done.

Here is a gather post I did on a small shopping trip. I'm shopping tomorrow but buying meat so not sure how well I can really do. Small Shopping Trip 2/4/08

I updated my lensography on squidoo yesterday. It looks so much nicer now the way I have my other lenses listed. I hope you will check it out. Next update will add more lenses that I've made and an updated photo of my grandson Cash. Marsha's Lensography

For now, for some reason I got super tired, so I think I will lay down for just a bit before getting lunch. Have a great Saturday!
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