Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday December 4

Good Morning! When I was outside there wasn't any wind would sure make the day a lot more bearable as far as the cold goes.
My daughters boyfriend is going to Wichita again to have his broken ankle checked. Good thing today is the day the gal that's giving me a ride to work gets off the same time as I do. We already talked to them at math tutoring and told them we probably wouldn't have a way to get Heather there. Mom will have to find a ride to the doctor today.
Mom just really seems to not understand how aggravating it is for her to keep calling and calling for rides places. Then, if the ride isn't here right away she is callng them back. You can't just expect people to jump because you need to go somewhere and it's a LOT to ask for a ride for her to go to her doctor twice a week. (I personally think he is a quack that just takes people's money)
As I said, not having a vehicle wouldn't be near as bad if we weren't coming into the cold and snow and ice season.

Today's squidoo lens to share is Earn With Marsha. This one lists the paid to clicks that I do on a regular basis. I belong to tons, but these are the ones that I do daily. Earn with Marsha

Until tomorrow, have a great day,
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