Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday November 30

Here we are to the last day of November. We got our first snow yesterday. It didn't last long, and it didn't stick. I took a short video and uploaded it to gather.
It took me 4 tries before it uploaded and submitted. While I waited I cleaned. In fact, I did a lot of cleaning and organizing yesterday but have a long ways to go until this basement is cleaned and organized the way I want it. I still am not far enough to be able to put up the Christmas tree but I will work on that more today.

After the cleaning I started finishing a rug to put down on one side of Jasmine's bed. I will finish that today too.
We are getting a ride to church today since there is a youth dinner after church. However, my mother is upstairs saying she got the pink eye from Jasmine and shouldn't go. She's not even really been close to Jasmine let alone touched anywhere around her eye. The woman thinks all she has to do is look at someone who is sick and she has it.

I did my weekly mail call post on gather yesterday. I didn't get much the past week but I hope you will take a look. I did get in $50 in paypal from gather. Mail Call! Week of November 23

I've also decided to have a lens of the day in my blog at squidoo. This one I actually built yesterday on Helen Steiner Rice, making my 35th lens. Helen Steiner Rice

Have a very blessed Sunday,
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